The Gamarada Playgroup commenced in 1998 on Eveleigh Street, Redfern, at the Eloura Community Centre which incorporated the Anthony Mundine Gym.  A small space at the gym was donated by the Aboriginal Housing Company.  Enrolment included children from the Block area of Redfern, and the Centre was open five days a week. 

In 2000, the Redfern Public School generously offered the Centre a small room in their complex.  Operating in this new public school venue meant Gamarada was able to cater to a community of more diverse cultures and support more families. 

When Redfern Public School closed down in 2002, the Centre lobbied for a larger room and was given one which became available in a vacated classroom.  The Centre was then able to serve children from birth to six years old. A second classroom was opened a year later. 

The Centre also worked with Alexandria Park Public School to offer a programme for 4 to 6 year olds within the public school system.  This programme met with success but was discontinued when the instigating Principal left the school.

In 2006 the programme had to leave Redfern Public School. The Education Department promised other premises and after some time the programme was given a room at the Bourke Street Public School. Building works at Bourke Street meant the playgroup had to move again several times. 

On Thursday, 13 February 2014, a new Montessori playgroup was established at Marrickville running on Thursday mornings.

Today it operates in the Aboriginal Dance Company premises in Redfern. In 2014 another Montessori Playgroup commence at Marrickville, in the community room at Marrickville Public School.

The Playgroups are staffed by very experienced Montessori trained volunteers. Long term aims include training Aboriginal persons to conduct the centres.